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1.1 The International Music Olympiad (IMuO) is organized as a competition for students of general comprehensive primary and secondary education and is a competition amongst individuals.

1.2 Contestants

A Country’s Contestants should normally be citizens or residents of that Country and should be selected through the Country’s National Music Olympiad or equivalent selection programme. Contestants must be enrolled in full-time comprehensive education on the year of the Olympiad.

1.3 Age groups

The Contest takes place in two age groups:
The 1st group: aged 12–15

The 2nd group: aged 16–19

Each Country can send up to 3 Contestants. These can participate in any of the two groups, according to their age.

1.4 Language

The spoken language used at the Olympiad will be English.
The written tasks (assignments) for both age groups will be provided in the native language of the Contestant.

1.5 Content

The IMuO consists of three parts:

1a. Musical Knowledge
A written test including music listening, music appreciation and music history assignments. Music History may include questions from the following: Medieval and Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romanticism, 20th and 21st Century, World Music, Film Music, Jazz, Rock and Pop.

Information material on the set of compositions by Cypriot composers of the 20th and 21st Century will be soon posted on the site.

1b. Rhythmic-Melodic Sight-reading Skills
A test including sight singing of an eight-bar melodic phrase and clapping or tapping of an eight-bar rhythmic phrase, in simple and compound time signatures.

2. Vocal performance
A vocal performance by the Contestant of one song performed live at a public concert.
The song must be up to 3 minutes in length, performed from memory, either unaccompanied or with accompaniment by acoustic instruments.
It is recommended to perform a folk song, or a song written by a composer of the Contestant’s country, in the native language.
The Contestant must present at onsite registration a translation of the song’s lyrics in English and a background description.

3. Composition
Performance of an original composition by the Contestant and other singers and/or instrumentalists performed live at a public concert.
The composition must be solely an original work of the Contestant, with the exception of pre-existing lyrics if included.
The composition must be up to 3 minutes in length.

The composition can be:
    • a work for solo voice or vocal ensemble; unaccompanied or with instrumental accompaniment*; or
    • a work for solo instrument or instrumental ensemble*; or
    • a work for solo voice or instrument or vocal and/or instrumental ensemble that includes electro-acoustic, audiovisual or multimedia.*
*In all cases i, ii, and iii above the number of performers should not exceed 8 participants
In case of a song composition, pre-existing lyrics or poetry may be used.
The Contestant must present at registration: a score, a short description of the original composition in written form and in case of a song composition a translation of the lyrics in English.

Please note, if additional instruments/performers are needed for the performance of the composition, they will be provided by the Hosting Country. Details and special requirements regarding the composition performance should be sent to the organisers by 1 March 2020.

2.6 Assessment

The results of the Olympiad will be assessed by an international Jury which consists of one jury member from each participating country.

2.7 Awards and prizes

The awards in both age groups are:
  • for the first three placements – Golden Medals
  • for the fourth, fifth and sixth placements – Silver Medals
  • for all other placements – Bronze Medal
For each age group the following Special Prizes are awarded:
  • Best Musical Knowledge Prize
  • Best Sight-Reading Prize
  • Best Song Performance Prize
  • Best Composition Prize

The Jury is entitled to award additional prizes in case of extraordinary achievement in specific fields of the Olympiad.

3. Participation

3.1 Each team will consist of the Contestants (up to 3 for each Country), the Leader and a Deputy Leader.

3.2 Leader responsibilities:
    • Inform the Contestants, the Deputy Leader and other persons involved, of the regulations for the Olympiad.
    • Attend all the meetings of the Jury of the IMuO and take part in its work.
    • Ensure the preparation of an accurate translation of the theoretical part into the contestants’ own languages for the use of her/his team.
    • Ensure that the deadlines set by the Host Country are met.
    • Serve as a contact person and keep her/his Country’s contact details up to date.
    • Inform her/his national committee of decisions taken by the Jury during the IMuO.
3.3 Deputy Leader responsibilities:
    • Supervise the conduct and welfare of the team during the activities of the IMuO.
    • Inform the Contestants of the regulations pertaining to the competition.
    • May serve instead of the Leader as a contact person and keep her/his Country’s contact details up to date.
    • The Deputy Leader should be able, in case of an emergency, to replace the Leader.
3.4 Observers
Observers, including family members, may apply to accompany the participants.

3.5 Participation Confirmation
Each Country wishing to participate must confirm their participation by the 18th of September 2020.

3.6 Registration
The deadline for registration of Contestants in the 5th International Music Olympiad Cyprus 2020 is the 6th of October 2020.

3.7 Participation fee
A participation fee of fifty euro (€50) for each Contestant must be paid by the 16th of October 2020.

3.8 Insurance
All participants and observers are responsible for obtaining full accident, health and travel insurance. It is the Leader’s responsibility to confirm that this condition has been met for all participants and observers of his/her team.

3.9 Publicity Consent
All Participants and Observers consent to the publication of their names, photographs and video footage on the IMuO website.

4. Jury Regulations

4.1 The Jury consists of all Leaders together with a Chair.

4.2 A Leader may be replaced by a Deputy Leader in case of an emergency (subject to the consent of the Chair of the Jury).

4.3 The Jury may appoint sub-committees to consider specific matters.

4.4 The meetings of the Jury are conducted primarily in English.

4.5 The Content of the written tasks must be kept strictly confidential until the Conclusion of the IMuO.

4.6 Before the Contest, each member of the Jury:
    • Signs a confidentiality agreement.
    • Verifies that all Contestants comply with the specified conditions for participation.
    • Prepares and approves the translations of the written tasks in the required languages.
4.7 After the Contest the Jury:
    • Approves the Scores of all Contestants.
    • Decides winners of First, Second and Third Prizes.
    • Considers all proposals to award Special Prizes.
    • Gives feedback for future IMuOs
4.8 Any violation of the regulations is reported to the Chair of the Jury and is investigated by a committee.

4.9 All Jury decisions are final.